Anthony Jr./Sr. High School Senior
Anthony, Texas 79821
(915) 886-3622

Anthony High School, Anthony, Texas

Classification: 12, Class of 2000
GPA: 3.96
Class Rank: 2nd of 40


    My presence and leadership in academics as well as in extracurricular pursuits, is a reflection of the full compliment of qualities I can offer.

Excellence in English 1996-present
Excellence in Trigonometry
District 1AA Basketball Offensive Player of the Year 1998-99
AHS Outstanding Offensive Basketball Player 1998-99
Disrict 1AA 1st Team All-District 1996-present
District 1AA Team Texas State Playoffs 1996-97; 1998-99
Who's Who Among American High School Students 1997-present
Who's Who National Student Athlete Day 1998-99
NCAA National Student-Athlete Day Award 1999
National Basketball Scout Award 1998-99
Certification in Authorware 4.0, Director 6.5, Authorized Lingo
Experience in HyperStudio, Lingo, Extreme 3D, X-Res3, Asymetric 3DFX, PowerPoint, PhotoPC, Animated Gifs, HTML

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   Getting involved in the school as well as the community are, I believe, very important in preparing for the future.  In service organizations, I have been a catalyst for projects that affect our community as a whole.  I believe my involvement has prepared me well for life after high school.

National Junior Honor Society, Vice President 1996-present
National Honor Society, Secretary, 1997-present
Student Council, Representative, Secretary, 1996-present
Varsity Basketball 1996-present, Captain 1997-present
Class Vice President 1996-97, Treasurer 1997-present
Yearbook Co-Editor, 1996-97, Editor, 1998-present
Newspaper Co-Editor-1999
Varsity Football Statistician 1997-present
Varsity Track 1998-present

Make a Difference Day(town clean-up) Volunteer 1996-present
Thanksgiving Food Drive Volunteer 1996-present
Canutillo Baptist Church Summer Vacation Bible School Volunteer 1996-98
Canutillo Independent School District Summer School Aide 1996-97
Christmas Dinner for Elderly 1996-present

Current Courses...

    Understanding the rigor post-secondary studies, I have enrolled myself in challenging courses throughout my career at AHS.

Senior 1999-2000:                                                Sophomore 1997-1998:

Extreme 3D, Inspire 3D Multimedia                        Biology I
Government/Economics                                        English II
Chemistry                                                           Pshycology
Spanish I,II                                                        Yearbook
AP Calculus                                                        Geography
English IV                                                           Geometry
Journalism                                                          Varsity Athletics
Varsity Athletics

Junior 1998-1999:                                                   Freshmen 1996-1997:

Scientific Research & Design                                    Physical Science
Multimedia                                                            Computer Science
English III                                                             English I
Speech                                                                   Algebra II
Sociology                                                               Yearbook
Pre-Calculus                                                           U.S. History
Physics                                                                  Varsity Athletics
Varsity Athletics

Texas Giant Fireworks Company-Summers 1997-present

    My Goals include continuing my post-secondary education at a four year university and attain a career in law. I am very excited at the opportunity to attend the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. I consider myself a very responsible, energetic, and valueable student. I believe in hard work and dedication in all that I set out to accomplish. My goals have been set for me as a constant reminder of why I work in the manner in which I do.  I believe I have demonstrsted my hard work and tenacious attitude through my efforts in athletic competition and academic pursuits.